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Truly a Connoisseur of High Culture And the Fine Arts

November 19, 2012

Sometimes when I consume a piece of culture that lacks any audio components, I listen to music at the same time. Sometimes when I find new music I listen to an album or even a single song an absurd count of times. Sometimes this collides, like recently when I reread Gunnerkrigg Court for the nth time while listening to Försvinn du som lyser by Finntroll on more or less constant repeat.

Now I can’t listen to that song without thinking about the comic. I don’t much mind.

Other pieces of culture digested since last we spoke:

Skyfall – I like nuBond (even Quantum of Solace, which I gather puts me in the minority); the lack of corny jokes and ridiculous gadgets is refreshing. This one was good, but it was a bit annoying how the ending seemed to tie things up and too neatly set the stage for something more traditional. Or maybe it’s just my imagination.

Submarine – Ehhh I don’t know.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World – Steve Carell! Keira Knightley! The end of the world! Exclamation marks!

The Cabin in the Woods – I thought I had grown tired of deconstructions but turns out I was wrong. Before being exposed to spoilers, I thought it was nothing more than an homage to horror movies; obviously it wasn’t. Even so, I thought the premise would be saved for a big tweeest towards the end, not in the very first scene.

The Hunger Games – Better than I thought. Getting vibes of The Running Man and The Long Walk, because those are the only reference points I have to the “future gladiator games dystopias” genre I hope exists.

John Carter – Sword and Sandals IN SPACE! Fun times. I liked how the film didn’t even try to pretend that we now know enough of both Venus and Mars to make the premise silly. Those planets were to a large extent unknowns in 1912; they were coveted wiggle-room for sci-fi author. Generally I dislike modernizations of old works. (Possible exception: Sherlock.)

Surface Detail – A book! So thoughtful; so intellectual! Bit of a cheat since I’m not through it yet. Not my favourite Culture novel; I’m getting the feeling of retconning but have too weak a memory to prove it. It’s based around the ideas of virtual heavens and hells, and even if it’s interesting and whatnot, I can’t shake the feeling that he just wants to Make a Point.

Homeland – As a citizen of Glorious Socialist Nation of Sweden I was expecting a lot more flag-waving and annoying patriotism. Don’t get me wrong; there’s still some of that around, but at least most of the people in the show are, well, people. Even the terrorists! Have you heard of such a thing?! Anyways I like the show.

Pretend I said something to sum everything up here.


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