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The Way Home This Night

October 29, 2012

Down by the train tracks, by the Dollar Store and the bowling alley, there is a fast food place. It looks very plastic and transparent, like a past future. Above the main entrance there are speakers playing music. Previous times I’ve passed had been when they were open but now I learned the music plays even when it’s closed and deserted. It was a kent song, but too new for me to recognise or like.

It was curious how the sound was loud close by but how quickly it faded with distance. And despite my old ways, the music and the setting fit together and made some melancholy for me.

The cold had not yet crept inside my jacket and my feet did not hurt.

Further on, a shooting star flashed and slashed across the belly of Orion. A midnight jogger scared me nearly to death with his suddenness. Then there was the way through the woods where the trees huddle so close to the asphalt that summer rains sometimes won’t reach the ground.

Much later, a shadow moving across the path. Seemed too long to be a fox or a cat and too small to be a wolf. Then the bridge where someone lit a fire this summer. The new boards creaked and groaned and seemed to sway. The water beneath was black like ink.

I was nearly home.


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