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The Devil in the Details

May 26, 2012

I never even played the two first parts and still I bought Diablo III. Pretty much everyone at work plays it but they are somewhat good at it, while I die pretty much all the fucking time. I lack adequate reflexes and proper motor control. Still, it’s fun. Or it was. Dunno now. The problem is that you more or less have to play it in chunks because of checkpoints and shit.

Also reading a book about shamans and got the idea to make the story of the post-singularity wasteland into a shaman story. It would fit neatly with things like sickness leading to power and interaction with virtual interfaces looking like something quite else when only seeing one side of it.

But there will be “angels” too, so perhaps I should research (by which I read a single book and make the rest up) voodoo too, to get a sense of smorgasboard religions.

This obsession of mine to have every story being about mortals becoming gods is probably significant in some way.

And I finally found Little Majorette to download and it’s very, very good.

What other morsels of culture have I consumed? Downton Abbey, which I rather liked, even if I got the feeling I should dislike it for being too soap-operatic.

Valhalla Rising, which was beautiful as all hell, but I kept being distracted by that thing where parts of the screen seems to float around out of sync with other parts, when the camera is moving slightly. It’s probably due to compression, as I’ve seen it on TV as well.

50/50, which was enjoyable but part of the ending was a bit… foreseen.

There Will Be Blood, which was… intense I guess the word is. It’s was great but as usual the ending went over my head, as endings mostly do.

The Virgin Suicides, which was fucking fantastic. It was one of those films which I liked from the get go and which still grows in my mind every time I think about it. (I’ve used this turn of words before, haven’t I? I won’t tell if you don’t.) The visual style (because I’m shallow like that), the not-enough-oxygen-in-the-room feeling of being teenaged, the measured distance and bittersweet nostalgia of an adult remembering youth.

That last part was important, since I can no longer watch films with the viewpoint of teenagers without great angst, however great they may be.

Also tried to read Snuff again, but it’s slow going. I’m too distracted by the digital wonderland I guess.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    You don’t seem to be checking Facebook much lately :P

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