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A Most Productive Day

April 17, 2012

This fucking cold, man. Every cough tastes of blood and people sitting in front of me on the bus squirm uncomfortably since they can’t see my sleeve against my mouth.

Should have started the assignment for the course (due day after tomorrow (or tomorrow now, really)) but I did not. Was going to write some but I did not. Meant to shop for clothes… and I kind of did, although I fled far too early, clothes shops making me uncomfortable; “hello, can I help you?” and a trillion degrees warm.

Just finished reading Consider Phlebas and the only reason I reached the end was because I had read and – sort of – enjoyed the other Culture books. This one was by far the weakest of the bunch. Too much of my pet peeve: the unnecessary description. Like when he feels the need to point out that certain character’s profession or species or whatever. If the reader hadn’t learned he was a Changer in the first few pages, why even bother? And at the same time describing action sequences as muddled and unclearly as possible.

This was the first Culture novel and like any first novel of a universe it felt like the author hadn’t found his footing yet, hadn’t thought everything through yet.

Started reading The Divine Invasion by Philip K. Dick, by whom I’ve only read one other book: Dr. Bloodmoney. He has a refreshing way of never explaining or excusing the weird things happening. It’s written long ago, and it shows. It has the special anachronistic feeling of all old sci-fi; people in cryosleep and living in space colonies while using tapes to record stuff.

The whole day work kept calling and texting me, wanting me to work extra. I ignored it all.


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