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February 2, 2012

This blog thing seems to have become a monthly affair. I blame having a job and having a new computer.

Oh, didn’t I say? I have a new computer now. It was so long since I had a proper computer that I forgot what it’s like. The hard drive (clickety-clack) and the keyboard (flimsy plastic) are shite but the rest is great.

I briefly considered buying Windows 7 – not for moral reasons, but because I assumed pirating an OS had become too much of a hassle. Then I remembered I’m Swedish.

Every time I get a new computer there is that period where I have to set things up and install things and put things from the old computer into folders called “Crap from Old Computer” or such and then forget about them. They’re starting to nest rather annoyingly.

Having a computer that doesn’t get emo from 3D graphics has made me consider checking out some games. The old crack was a given, but I’ve also considered Skyrim and Portal 2 and all those peculiar indie games they keep mentioning in PC Gamer.

And programming.

Oh, I know. Programming at my level requires a calculator or possibly an abacus at most, but now I have a reason to program; I am trying out this whole “education” thing again. Millionth time’s the charm.

The course in question is the imaginatively named Computers and Programming. Figuring out its contents is left as an exercise for the reader. It’s for 10 credits (I finally learned the nomenclature in English. Aren’t I S-M-R-T?) and runs a semester, giving it a speed of 33%.

The good thing about the course is that I should be able to pass it easily.

The bad thing is that the online portal thingy were we get the course material looks like it’s made by a new-to-the-interwebs highschooler from the 90s. Comic Sans and clip art everywhere. It’s shockingly ugly.

It’s something I’ve noticed before. That people interested in programming are almost never good at making homepages. They always look like the shit you did before you realised that just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Another bad thing is that it’s on C++. I’ve never liked C++. It comes from C, a simple, clean and small language, but is an ugly behemoth. C++ tries too hard to incorporate every single programming paradigm in existence, going against the “make things that do one thing but does that thing well” philosophy of the Unix world, whence C spawned.

As much as I dislike certain things about C++, I’ve started to really like the others, such as the STL. Dynamically resizing lists are so fucking convenient I’m prepared to forgive the rest of the language its horribleness.

Now we just have to see if I can maintain the self-discipline needed to actually finish the course.


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