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Symbolic Immunity

August 21, 2011

Today I forgot the book I’m reading at home and there were no new newspapers in the break room so I had to think for entertainment during lunch. I got to thinking about commercials and how I’m somewhat blind to them.

Of course that sounds somewhat conceited of me, but the truth is that I’m not very affected by commercials because I can hardly ever remember the specific brands. I’m like the anti-Coupland.

It might help that I rarely ever buy anything so there are not many opportunities for any influences to manifest either way.


I started to wonder whether my inability to intuitively pick up on symbolism might be related to this perceived immunity.

Back in high school I once got the assignment to create an advert. I failed completely. I could not – and still cannot – understand how they work, what attracts and coaxes and nudges people into buying those particular things.

This felt much the same way it feels when people find themes and depth in literature; it’s like they know something I don’t, like they’ve read a book and learned the secrets.

On another note, not having a book led me to ponder about the book I intend to write but probably never will manage to.

I increasingly like the idea of having two kinds of summer: one bright and hot, the other dark and cool. It led me to think about things like equinox parties/feasts and darksummer’s first star and different flora for the different summers. The flora of brightsummer would have pretty much regular summer colours, while that of darksummer would have deeper and darker colours, and have names like “blackrose” and “starweed” and other such nonsense.

Since I got a job my novel has grown much more comfortably and effortlessly in my mind.

Less stress.


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