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August 15, 2011

Where I work is a disused hospital. It stands on a slope like most things on Frösön. On the lowest side is still a pharmacy and a health center. Older hospital-type buildings stand around the area. One is an old mental institution, the other I don’t know but I get the feeling it was a hospital/sanatorium or similar.

Left from that time are tunnels through and under and between the buildings. From what I hear they are long and plenty enough to get lost in. You can see the roofs of the tunnels here and there. In at least one place are windows into it even. Well, I didn’t examine too hard but that’s my theory.

Due to the slope I enter the building at ground level (after a slight climb) and after a flight of stairs I’m on the… fifth? sixth? something like that floor. That floor is the first of several that are smaller than the preceding one. Imagine an L tetronimo lying on its long side: that’s the building and we’re in the lower part of the top square.

This makes it so that from the room I sit in I can look out at the roof of the lower floor. From the break-room balcony it seems fairly easy to get to the roof and I must say I am tempted.

I can also see the tops of trees standing in what is apparently called a quadrangle which I’m unsure completely correlates to the Swedish innergård.

Trying to find a smarter way from the bus stop the other day I noticed another intriguing feature of the place. Ditches go to and fro all over the place (I may exaggerate). At one place were ditches in a perfect square around a building which made me think of moats.

I’m still too new and self-conscious to go exploring in earnest but I rather want to.


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