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All Work And No Play Makes Jack a Rich Boy

July 29, 2011

So the darndest thing happened last week. I stumbled upon a job. I had applied for a job at a place and a few days later I got a mail saying the position had been filled but that there was another opening at the same company.

Now, before you are led astray by these professional-sounding words I should point out that the job in question is tech support-y in nature. I sit on the phone all day helping people getting or fixing their BankIDs. The problems are often of the type “user did not understand how to download a file” or – slightly worse – “user thought downloading a file was the same thing as installing it.”

I have no guaranteed amount of hours but instead have to notify my interest for available time slots through a intranet interface. Asking around, it seems that you can more or less count on getting the hours you sign up for so that’s comforting.

Having previously worked at Will-Breakers Inc. I was here going to gush over the extra money I get for working outside of regular business hours and in my five minutes of wiki-poking and googling there turned up a translation for it: “unsocial hours bonus.”

That’s hilarious.

Anyways. In case you’re not a Swede, I’ll explain it in my usual confusing and rambling way.

I get an hourly wage M (M is for monies). Full-time is defined as being 172 hours/month. From this is calculated a “standard monthly wage” S (S = M × 172). (I actually get 12% extra monetary units on every hour because I have no vacation but that’s not included in S).

Now, there are several types of unsocial hours bonus. Those that concern me are evening, weekend and holiday. Evening is after 18:00 on weekdays. Weekend is between 00:00 on Saturday until 07:00 on Monday morning. Holiday is for things like Christmas, Easter, Midsummer etc. Let’s call these things E, W and H, respectively.

As far as I understand it the different types of bonuses are calculated thusly:

E = S / 600

W = E × 2 = S / 300

H = W × 2 = S / 150

(Total monthly wage = E + W + H + M × 1.12)

This is nothing extraordinary. Other jobs have better deals; this is pretty much minimum wage. But since I have low standards compared to most people, I’ll be rolling in it within the year.

Oh, and about that. Skimming the pamphlets (or perhaps it was the union magazine) from and about the union I learned that Sweden doesn’t have a law enforcing minimum wage. Somewhat surprising, given how the Social Democrats have dominated Swedish politics since the last ice age or so. Turns out minimum wages are governed solely by collective agreements.

Actually having an income awakened my long-sleeping obsession with money, which made me construct spreadsheets for calculating what my monthly wage might be. Calculating tax turned out to be incredibly confusing and slightly impossible, since it’s calculated on yearly income and employers are just making educated guesses on how much of an employee’s wage should be sent to Skatteverket.

Slightly worrying is the fact that pretty much everyone I’ve talked to at work is bitter as all fuck and most of them have worked there less than a year. On the other hand, my previous and literal McJob had me plenty bitter too, and at least at this job I don’t have to actually meet the people.

So I intend to work as much as I possibly can until I start hating it. I’m thinking six-day weeks and always working weekends. The only holiday I want free is Christmas but the rest are fine.

All that money.


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  1. hails permalink

    Hah, I used to do the same things. Only I can’t use excel to save my life so I calculated everything by hand, then I calculated ETAs for having the money I needed to buy stuff. Also I was underage so none of that taxes crap.

    Wait. Does this mean you’re putting your novel on hold?

    • Does this mean you’re putting your novel on hold?

      My speed so far has been ~0 pages/eternity so a slow-down is almost impossible. I may even start writing something useful now that I can relax about money.

      We’ll see.

      • hails permalink

        Still volunteering to test-read anything you write. And I mean ANYTHING.

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