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The Reason for Seasons

July 7, 2011

I get stuck on the most stupid details.

I was thinking about this story I’m trying to force out and started second-guessing myself about the decision to make the utopia have seasons. The reason for seasons was so that there would be dark summer nights. Since I based the whole thing more or less on my personal experience of summers, I imagined the midsummer feast under a sky bright enough to be starless. I’ve lived most of my life in the north, so in my mind summer nights are not much darker than an overcast day.

For silly reasons I needed that dark night, so I thought seasons would be neat, even if I had originally imagined the utopian valley as a never-ending flow of lazy summer’s days, each day so like the next that the passage of time becomes meaningless. The turn of seasons also offered some possibility for other festivities, one for each tipping-point.

Now I’ve begun to ponder having two seasons – both of them summer. Darksummer and Brightsummer. But then concept of “midsummer” would lose all meaning so there would have to be some other reason for the feast and the fire. Which gave me the idea of having two moons and there being some sort of astronomical coincidence which would be cause for a party. Or perhaps just have a midsummer’s feast in the middle of each flavour of summer.

Gah. The shit I get hung up about. No wonder, I say.

No wonder.


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