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Paper People

May 11, 2011

So I made another document for my novel folder called Characters.

Big mistake.

The descriptions of the main characters were only slightly longer than the captions for them. A character I imagined was a minor one was a lot more thought out. Not that that says much. Even he was dealt with in only a few lines.

Thing is, the world I have in mind is populated by a fair amount of people. Granted, most of them are supposed to act collectively and not individually, but I should probably single out some of them.

This may be why I prefer the first-person perspective so much; it allows for a much less distinct protagonist. It’s less noticeable if the narrator is only a sketch which removes one whole person from the equation.

Perhaps it’s a natural consequence of writing something so concept-oriented. Now, personally I wouldn’t mind reading a story without characterisation, but I’m unsure if other people would. It might come off as too abstract and cold.

On the other hand, you should probably write what you yourself would like to read, so there’s that.


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