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The State of the Novel

April 27, 2011


This writing business.

I made a folder and everything. Populated it with two whole documents – General Ideas and Vague Outline. The first one is littered with question marks and curt and/or incomplete sentences, stating the nature, the themes, the mythology, the conflict, the climax, the aftermath. The latter is meant as an attempt to bring some order to the mess. Headlines that may or may not correspond directly to chapters (it’s starting to look like they do) and a short summary/idea on each segment.

And ho boy! does it ever need some ordering! I have the idea for the beginning and the end and a very hazy idea of the middle. For a long time I was agonizing about whether to use first- or third-person perspective. (I’ve since half-decided to go with third-person since that makes it easier to describe some developments – not completely sure yet though.) Some aspects of the main characters are still unclear to me – and they are quite important aspects.

The ending I’m not that sure about, actually.

If  the outline is indeed a list of chapters, then I have only five so far, and two of them is pretty much the same one but in different places and with slight variations. However, I did add two sections today so that’s something.

The biggest problem is that I’ve already started to doubt the story and whether it’s non-retarded or not. My initial hope for constructing it in a way that would deceive the reader about the genre until a fair way into it has waned since it would probably just be contrived and forced. Anyways, the whole premise might be stupid and there’s no real fix for that.

Still, an advice that keeps popping up is to plod on, no matter how shitty it is or gets, so I guess I’ll be doing that.


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