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Doin’ the Omoralisk Högskoleprov

April 5, 2011

So högskoleprovet has come and gone. On the bus ride I felt like I had thrown money away with signing up for it; no motivation whatsoever. Arriving at the school where it was to be held I felt ancient, surrounded by kids a decade my junior. When the first segment started I felt a surge of motivation or excitement. But over time, the breaks between each segment took their toll. Twenty minutes of just sitting and waiting.

You are given a piece of paper to which you can transfer your answers to check online when you’re done. Thus:

The second segment (“verb”) did not count towards the result, but was a sort beta test for the upcoming changes. The word part (“ORD”) annoyed me more than usual. I was slightly unsure of a couple of words. Or rather, I was unsure about one, but got it right, and overthought another, so I changed it from my original and correct answer to another, which wasn’t. It would have been so nice to have full score on that part. Oh well.

My biggest drop was the math part (“NOG”). Five wrong answers. Five. Sitting there, it felt like it had gone much better than that. The charts/diagrams/maps (“DTK”) part just barely made up for the significant drop on the maths part, as well as the minor drops on almost all the others. Last time I did högskoleprovet I got a total of 110 and now I got 111. Not exactly a stellar improvement.

Last time I got a “normalized” score of 2.0, which is the maximum but just barely; I had a margin of one or two points. And since the limits can shift from year to year I can’t be sure to get 2.0 again. So four weeks of anxious waiting until I know for sure.

If I get 1.9 I’ll do it again in the autumn. I really hope I won’t have to.


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  1. hails permalink

    So you feel bad that you’re older? Have you ever tried to buy a train ticket and have the clerk ask you where your parents are? WHEN YOU WERE 20??

    Anyhow, I like how you make your “D”s. Mine look like triangles.Your handwriting is incomprehensible however.

    • It’s a cliché but for a reason: “youth is wasted on the young.” Looking that young buys you several years of riding on children’s tickets. I see no problem.

  2. hails permalink

    Also, what’s the obscure reference?

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