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Gathering Points

March 28, 2011

So it seems I am going to take some uni courses after all. One can be accepted for 45 pts/semester, with 30 pts being considered full-time. The amount of points a course is worth has little correlation to the actual time it takes to complete it. Some courses are 7.5 pts at 50% speed, some 100%. Any constellation works. Piecing together a steady workload while not exceeding 45 pts per semester can get a bit messy.

So this happened:

(An early version so a few courses missing.) I managed to stop myself before starting to use scripting and/or conditional formatting to make it automatic. But only just.

The table became easier to handle once I realised some courses had obligatory IRL meetings and some had video conference stuff (mostly psychology courses, I noticed). So I went for simplicity and am currently leaning towards Grundläggande informatik GR (A) (informatics) for 30 pts at 100% speed and perhaps add a computer course of some kind. Datateknik GR (A), Praktisk Linux for example looks like some free points.

The first semester is going to be a test to see if I can handle the tempo and perhaps ramp it up a bit. If I could indeed handle a higher tempo, the plan would be to do 45 pts (150%) each of the following seven semesters, and perhaps take some courses in the summers too.

I was told it is easier to get a job if you have read some university courses, but that the specific courses are largely irrelevant. Should be interesting to see if it’s true.


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