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A Tale of Two Cores

February 7, 2011

So I went ahead and bought one of those netbooks the kids are raving on about.

I was surprised that it’s not as sluggish as I thought it would be. To me, every new operating system has meant a significant decrease in speed because of incredibly ridiculous increases in hardware requirements. I had been on the lookout for a netbook with XP instead, but they were few and far between. Therefore, it was kind of nice to see that the littlest Windows 7 (Starter) isn’t too shabby.

But of course there are some strange things about it as well, like the arbitrary limitation that you can’t change the wallpaper. That was a major WTF for me; I cannot conceive of a single reason for this limitation, not even a bad one. And it’s not like it’s a matter of their having removed one menu item too many when they slimmed it down, since from what I’ve read skimmed about it says that the wallpaper file is actually protected by the OS against alterations.

The main reason for it to not be slow might of course be that I accidentally bought a dual core version. (Task manager claims four cores, but that’s just hyperthreading talking.)

First, I had my eye on a cheaper netbook, but the keyboard was kind of bad, so I then turned my eye towards an HP Mini. It was a step up in price (3k SEK vs. 2.5k) so then I thought “that’s a lot more for just a better keyboard.” So I remembered seeing an Asus Eee (one of the gazillion models) with 250 GB hard drive at another place. Better keyboard and better hard drive was worth the additional 400 SEK, I told myself, painfully aware of how shopping for technology tends to slide ever upwards in the scale power and price.

Luckily, the only ones they had left of that model were the ones they had for demonstration purposes. Thus, a bit was shaved off of the price.

So since I had decided to go for the 3k variant, and ended up with a 3.2k, but with better hard drive, I felt good about it.

Add to that that I had missed the sticker saying it was a dual core… and I became even more pleased with my decision. None of the information I’ve found on the computer hints at a dual core, so it might well be that they all had that, but still.

Either way, it should be weeks before I get the idea I should buy an external petabyte hard drive.


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