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Stop Copying Yourself

January 9, 2011

So the disease in Glasshouse is called Curious Yellow. I had to lol.

I was a bit wary of the novel at first, since it seemed to be another “oh the future sure is wacky! here, have some technobabble!” novel. It kind of was a bit at first, but then it morphed into a post-singularity cousin of Pleasantville cross-bred with spy fiction. I enjoyed it quite a bit more than I did Accelerando, probably because it was dealing more with a possible scenario emerged from certain technologies than with the technology itself.

The whole “oh I have a copy so death is no biggie!” thing bothered me greatly, though. I mean… from the copy’s point of view, death is kind of final regardless of the amount of copies walking around or stored somewhere. The copy still dies, but no one in the novel seemed to care about that.

Same issue I have with teleportation really.


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