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Tax Returns

December 1, 2010

So the other day I read the most recent issue of Scientific American. As usual I got annoyed with the obsession with America… before I remembered the name of the magazine.

Then I felt oh so silly.

As always it was a good read but one thing really got me WTF’ing. They interviewed the guy apparently responsible to bringing all American government sites into some sort of order and coherence or something like that. And the interviewer asked why Americans had to hire accountants to do their taxes; why they couldn’t just fill out a web form and “only spend 20 minutes” on doing the tax returns.

I was like “only 20 minutes”? Also “hire accountants”? What the hell?

Here I get the papers and if everything checks out, I just have to send a text, make an automated phone call, fill out a web form or send in the papers (if I’m living in the past that particular year). I generally take my time remembering to actually send that text, but when I do remember it it takes no more than a few minutes. Tops.

Granted, this wasn’t always the case. I remember my parents having to go through a mountain of papers each year. Not to the point of hiring professionals though. But the process was simplified back in 1995. And early/mid 00s you could confirm your tax returns online. Think the phone/text options were there already too.

Get with the fucking program, America.


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